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As child care providers, we strive to engage you, the family, as much as possible in this part of your child’s life. Many family events are planned throughout the year as well as parent educational seminars. Toddler teachers send home daily reports, and preschool teachers share weekly newsletters to keep parents apprised of classroom activities.

Our Center newsletter, PWCC Press is another way we keep you informed. Parent/teacher conferences are held for each individual child during the course of the year. We encourage you to share your questions, concerns or ideas with us.

The Children’s Center strives to work as a partner with each family. We encourage good communication between families and the Center. Please be sure to read all the notices sent home with your child. Please check their mailboxes everyday.

Please inform your child’s teacher about any changes/events that may affect your child. Should you have any concerns about your child’s experience at the Center, please speak with your child’s teacher. They will make themselves available to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

Should you have any concerns about your family life and/or your child’s development, our Social Worker is available to speak with you. Should our classroom teachers have any concerns about your child’s development, they will share them with you. Our Social Worker would then be of assistance should there by any need to follow-up.

Should you find that you have a concern about the experience your family is having with the Center, you should always feel free to speak with the Director. Should you find that you have a problem that remains unresolved, you may contact the Parent Representatives of the Board of Directors for assistance. The office has a list of the Parent Representatives. Members of the Parent Representatives will bring the unresolved issue to the Board of Directors where the issue will be resolved.

There is an open house at the beginning of the school year. At this time you will get to know your child’s teachers, office and support staff. We will help you to become familiar with the routines at the Center and answer any questions you may have. This is also a good time to get to know the other families in the Center.

Families are encouraged to join us for our annual events like our Super Bowl Party, The Myrna Turtletaub Art Show that takes place in May, Family Fun Nights and our Pot Luck Supper in June. Families come, share a meal and spend an evening with staff and other families in the Center.

The Center encourages families to visit their child’s classroom. We also invite parents to join us on special trips throughout the year, if possible.

Please check the Parent Bulletin Board for announcements, notices, etc. This board is located next to the office. It is there for your information and convenience.

We make every effort to have at least one parent-teacher conference per year. However, you may schedule a conference at anytime throughout the year. During the conference the teachers will report on your child’s progress at the Center. If your child is experiencing any difficulty at the Center that requires our mutual efforts please be assured that we will notify you immediately. We encourage you to do the same if there are any changes at home. By working together each child will be helped to grow to his/her potential.


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