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“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”
- President John F. Kennedy

Maria, her older brother and her mother, Jenny, joined the Children’s Center this past autumn. Maria’s mom is a single-parent, new to this country and raising her family on her own. Maria started our toddler program with a vocabulary of less than ten words spoken in Spanish. She had not been exposed to age-appropriate toys, puzzles, pegs, etc. and had never been read to. Our professional staff here at the center had serious concerns regarding her development and kept a close watch over her. Maria’s teachers provided a developmentally appropriate environment in which she felt nurtured and safe to explore and grow. Our social worker kept Jenny, Maria’s mother, updated on her progress and was able to guide her with early childhood parenting skills. Ten months later the staff here at the center is all thrilled to watch Maria engage in play; she is frequently found playing with her peers in the housekeeping corner. Her vocabulary has soared and she has even begun to recognize words!

Jenny’s older child, John, attends our after-school and summer programs. Our staff here works closely with John’s school teacher to keep him on level with his class. Every day you will find John working closely with his teachers in our program reviewing his homework assignments and encouraging him with his struggle to learn to read. As the director of the Port Washington Children's Center it is wonderful to see the staff all willing to go the extra mile to help a child meet success in school.

The Children’s Center was able to offer Jenny scholarship assistance making it possible for her children to attend our child care center. Jenny works a long day and strives to make a better life for her family. The staff and board of the Children’s Center take great reward knowing that we have truly made a difference for this family.


Thea began attending preschool at the Children’s Center three years ago and currently is enrolled in our after-school program. When Thea, at three years of age, started here she didn’t speak a word of English; both her mother, Ana and her father, Luis speak broken English. Thea’s vocabulary quickly expanded in our language rich environment and she became an integral member of her classroom. Thea’s little sister, Camilla will be entering our toddler program this summer.

This past January Luis was deported back to his home country, Mexico. Luis was a hard working father and provided a modest income as a house painter; Ana works as a housekeeper for a local family here in Port Washington. With the loss of Luis’s wages, Ana is struggling to provide for her children. The Children’s Center was able to offer scholarship assistance making it possible for her children to continue attending our child care center. Ana works a long day and is trying to be there for her young daughters through this emotional and financial crisis. Thea’s after school teachers are there to greet her when she gets off the school bus. Daily homework assignments are worked on with loving guidance; extra hugs and kisses are a part of every day. Our center’s social worker is in constant contact with Ana as well as speaking with Thea’s elementary school teacher. Without the help from our community donors none of this would have been possible.


You Can Help by Making a Donation to the Port Washington Children’s Center

Each year the Port Washington Children’s Center fulfills the child care needs of many families unable to pay the basic cost of our services… and, we simply cannot turn away children of the working poor, underemployed or unemployed.

The Center needs your support to  supplement the overall cost of care and help defray the cost of our underfunded children.

The Port Washington Children’s Center provides quality child care all year round. We are a Not for Profit organization operating with a volunteer Board of Directors and without government funding. Children’s Center donations qualify under IRS 501 (c)(3) regulations. 

Here is How You Can Help

Direct donation by mail:
Payable to Port Washington Children’s Center. You will receive a receipt and acknowledgement by mail. We also encourage you to keep a record of your gift.

In Person:
While our staff is normally occupied with our plethora of “little guests’ you are invited to call ahead to make a donation in person. This provides an opportunity to see our bright, landmark facility and its happy faces.

Credit Card Donations:
Click here to make a donation online.

Thank you in advance.. you never feel so good as when you help a child.

For more information on the PW Children’s Center, bequests and trusts contact:

Lisa Bridge

Executive Director




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